What I'm up to today

Preview of my newest sculpture 'Endless Resistance'

The sculpture has been made for a solo exhibition in Limerick City Gallery (September- November 2014 ) with the help of project funding from the Arts Council of Ireland.

The large sculpture is influenced by the 'Endless House' designs by Federich Kiesler which he made from 1948-1965. The sculpture will be shipped to Ireland on Friday where it will be finished on site.

I would be delighted if you could join me to see it off (so to speak) I won't be quite cracking a champagne on it to launch it but there will be beer.

The address is 348 Morgan (@ Metropolitian), Brooklyn NYC

Thursday - 24th
Time - 6pm

and Next week :

July 31 at 6.30pm

I will give a talk at Station Independent Projects ( 164 SUFFOLK ST, NYC)

WE WILL HAVE NO MORE WALLS… Exploring Frederick Kiesler’s Endless House.
Film screening, performance and discussion, during which Dublin-based artist Elaine Byrne will focus on Austrian-German mid 20th century architect Frederick Kiesler’s utopian vision of housing and his critique of the logic of economic efficiency in modernist architecture

For information : INFO@STATIONINDEPENDENT.COM | 917.698.2012

In 2014:

Won the 8th International Arte Laguna Prize for sculpture - for my installation RAUM. The prize winners were announced in Venice on 22/3/2014 at the finalist exhibition in the Venice Arsenale.

Awarded an Arts Council of Ireland Project award, 2014

Awarded Culture Ireland funding 2014

Resident at the International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York.

Exhibiting in group show "Instant Crush" at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, an exhibition celebrating the first five years of the gallery in Chancery Lane.

Exhibiting in group show 'Chancery Lane' at Dunamaise Art Centre, Ireland, till August 1st

Solo show at Limerick City Gallery, September 2014

Two person show at UAM, Mexico City, November 2014

Participated in the 14th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology, Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Connecticut Feb 2014.

Completed the Art and Law Program at Fordham Law School, New York in association with Denniston Hill and the Vera List Centre for Art and Politics, New York.

And last year
Group show Of the Land, at the Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Nov-Dec 13

A solo show - RAUM - took place at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery Dublin- RAUM - from 10th Jan till 9th Feb 2013

Extract from text
'Elaine Byrne’s installation RAUM is a haunted space, constructed from melancholy, symbolic fragments of ways of living that have faded away, and thinking that never was. This exhibition is a tribute to difference neutralized by the uncompromising normative pressures of what modernity actually is.'

See below for review by John Gayer from Visual Arts Newsletter, March 2013.

Follow link below to read a review of RAUM from The Irish Times 11/1/2013


Endless ResistanceEndless Resistance in the workshop ... being developed Endless ResistanceEndless Resistance 3 d print ISCP Open studiosISCP Open studios Images of Ghost Estates 8th Arte Laguna International Prize8th Arte Laguna International Prize RAUM wins sculpture prize 22/3/14 Award ceremonyAward ceremony Arte Laguna award ceremony Review of RaumReview of Raum Review from Visual Arts Newsletter,